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    SEO for Roofing Companies

    SEO for Roofing Companies


    Do you want better leads and to book more jobs? Ranking at the top in search engines is where it begins. Get the results you want with SEO for roofing companies.

    Do you want to take your roofing company to new heights? Our roofing SEO service can help. We’ll make sure that you increase the level of customers that find your business, improve the buzz around your brand and help you maximize profits. Of course, like any other business online, this all begins with a search engine.

    97% of interactions online start with a search engine. If there is a storm or a period of bad weather, a lot of customers will be looking for a roofer to complete the repairs they need. Alternatively, some might require a full renovation. You don’t want to miss out on the profits here.

    It’s crucial that when users search terms like ‘best roofer’ or ‘roofer near me,’ your business is one of the first to appear. That’s exactly what SEO for roofing companies can help ensure. We aim to put your company at the top of the search engine results and ensure that it can not be missed by customers searching for the services that you provide. How do we do this?

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    What Is Local SEO?

    Roofing SEO, SEO for Roofing Companies

    Generally, a customer won’t search far and wide for a roofer. Instead, they will aim to find a quality, professional roofing service near them. This is true whether they are completing repairs, renovations or simply want an inspection. Many want to find a roofer as close by as possible and avoid issues with long turnarounds or delays in service.

    Of course, Google is perfectly equipped to provide for this possibility. In the past, if a consumer was eager to find a local roofer nearby, they would check the phone book. Today, all they need to do is complete a search online and Google will do the rest.

    Google will offer users a list of businesses related to the keyword searched that are closest to them and that have the highest ranking. Consumers will then typically select from this list and they won’t spend too long looking over the results. Instead, it’s likely that a consumer will determine that one of the first or top roofers in the SERPs is the best. So, you need to make sure it’s your company.

    That’s what SEO is all about. With SEO you can optimize your brand on-site and off-site to make sure that it does appear at the top of the results.

    Various factors can impact a local SEO listing. For instance, roofers with a longer list of positive reviews are more likely to rank higher than those with zero reviews from their customers. Similarly, technical changes can help you rank as well such as optimizing the snippet of information that is provided in the search listing. Even adding pictures that are geo-tagged and linked to your company can boost your ranking.

    Of course, it’s not just about making sure that your site appears. It’s also about ensuring that when customers find your business, they choose it above the competition. We can help there too and make sure that you come ahead of other roofers in your local area.

    Website SEO Analysis

    What We Offer

    Now you know why SEO for roofers is so important, but how can we help you? We can set up a full SEO campaign for you from scratch.

    We’ll begin by finding out what your goals are for your roofing company. Do you want to see increased traffic to your site, gain more calls or beat out a rival? Do you have a certain level of increase that you want to see? Once we have this information we can work to build an SEO campaign around these needs and requirements.

    The next step is building up a campaign that delivers the results you want. You might wonder why you can’t simply optimize your Google My Business listing yourself. While you can do this, you could miss key details and crucial elements that we won’t. We’re experts in the field and have spent years researching this specific industry. We know the key areas that must be fulfilled to ensure that you do rank online.

    As well as perfecting your Google listing, we can make sure that you rank for the right keywords. Not all keywords are equal and some are going to be more beneficial for you than others. This is why you need a specific Roofing SEO service rather than your standard SEO solution. We know the keywords that your target audience will be searching for. More than that we understand how this specific subset of consumers interacts with the search engine when looking for solutions to their issues.

    They want to know prices, turnaround time, expected results, materials used and much more. They want to be able to know that you can fit your solution around their schedule. We can make sure that your on-site and offsite presence provides information in all these areas.

    We will also work to build up the level of reviews and encourage customers to respond and interact or engage with your company. By doing this we will provide you the best chance possible to beat the competition and be favored above the rest when customers search for the roofing solutions that you provide.

    What Results Can You Expect

    Our team is trained, qualified and experienced in roofing SEO. We can deliver the results that you want and expect. What does this mean for your business? If you have been struggled to find a high level of demand for your company, your troubles can be over with our service. We will increase your visibility online and ensure that more customers find your company. This will lead to a higher level of lead generation and elevate your business to new heights.

    You could see more visits to your website, more buzz around your brand online and even higher profits.

    We can guarantee measurable results and a significant shift in the presence of your business.

    Are you interested in learning more about our SEO for roofing companies? Contact us today and you won’t be disappointed with what our company can offer your brand.

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