Online Marketing StrategyOne thing remains clear in the ever-changing digital marketing landscape – success in business is dependent on what is being done in terms of online marketing. Secure an edge in the competitive world of digital marketing and watch your business soar.

If you’re NOT talking SEO, PPC, analytics and content marketing, then you’re certainly NOT talking online marketing. But that’s not where it ends—at the core of it all, you need a solid digital marketing strategy calibrated in accordance to your multiple customer attracting goals and objectives for your business to succeed.

This article puts together all the tips you’ll need to come up with a working online marketing strategy for generating new customers for your business.

1. Collect enough Intel on your end customers. Your message has to get to the right people. Otherwise the bulk of the effort you employ will be going to waste.

Start by collecting all the information you need regarding the end users of your products. Find out what they like, their location, sex, age, and, more importantly, the exact words they key into the search engines to get to you.

2. Create a buyer persona. You can do this by imagining yourself as the end user and list down all the steps you’ll follow to be connected to your business and be enticed enough to purchase a product or service.

3. Be visible in the Search Engines Through SEO. SEO is all about using quality content and a keyword strategy to generate organic traffic. For instance, you could use blog posts, authority site articles, and press releases to direct potential customers to your product page, all with the aim of converting them to actual buyers.

4. Blog links. Insert links within your content to drive traffic to your product page or to build your brand name such that readers will be enticed enough to go look for it on their own.

5. Keyword Strategies. Try coming up with a list of search words that people will be keying into search engines while looking for your product. The keywords can then be naturally integrated into both your content and its title.

6. Be Visible in The Search Engines Through PPC

PPC is the traffic you get by paying search engines to rank you up in the SERPs for a list of keywords.

The amount charged for this form of paid advertising often varies depending on a number of factors; one being the popularity of the keywords you plan on using and two, the number of advertisers also interested in bidding for the same keyword.

7. Create a Marketing Funnel. A marketing funnel will help you map out your customers’ journey from when they’re complete strangers, to when you’ll be converting them into leads that might actually be interested in buying your products.

8. Freebies. You don’t necessarily have to spend money on freebies. If you can come up with something of value, something your customers really want and wouldn’t mind exchanging it for their email addresses then you’re halfway there. Examples include recipe books, product catalogs, or any informative e-book you think your customers will actually be thrilled to have it for free.

9. Incentives. Another trick is to give incentives to your existing customers. These can come in the form of discounts or commissions for referrals or word of mouth recommendations.

10. Create an ideal client profile. This can be used to reach out to your happy customers and ask them if they know of anyone that would also be interested in what you’re offering. The strategy is even better if you can make them understand that there’s a reward for it.

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