Website Audit

You have undoubtedly spent a considerable amount of time and effort in making your website what it is today. But just because you have a nice looking website doesn’t mean people will visit it.  Read on and find out how an SEO website audit can boost traffic income to your website.

If you have no idea what an SEO audit is, worry not. Most web site owners don’t quite understand what an SEO audit is. This piece will be an in-depth explanation of a website audit and its potential benefits for your website.

What is an SEO Website Audit?

A website audit is a full spectrum analysis of your website’s visibility. It helps you understand traffic behavior to your website. After the website audit, you can then come up with strategies to boost traffic to your website.

A good website audit improves your website ranking. With about 200 million active websites, a good audit could give you a nice edge over your competition. Here’s how your business and website stands to benefit from an SEO website audit.

Benefits of a Website Audit for Your Business

An SEO audit is especially beneficial for business websites. If you’re looking to increase your profit margins, you are just an SEO website audit away from raking in huge profits. A few reasons for having a website audit include:

1. Saves You Money

An SEO website audit is a good investment. Many companies can attest to saving a significant amount of money from improved website performance.

Companies lose a lot of money from a stagnant website. Remember, websites require constant updating and a good web host. A website is a good investment, only if it generates enough traffic.

Spending a good amount of cash on an ineffective website is detrimental to your business. A website audit will highlight the loopholes in your website. Then come up with the best strategies to boost traffic influx.

After you address these loopholes on your site, you can stop spending money on a defunct website, and instead, make your website investment a worthy investment.

2. Gives You a Competitive Edge

A website audit helps you gauge your performance. After gauging your website performance, you can take the necessary steps to improve your stakes against the competition.

good audit will help you determine what’s making your competitors perform better. The audit helps you identify keywords and phrases that improve SEO ranking.

You also get to discover your competitors’ pitfalls. With the right SEO services company, you can use the pitfalls and leverage them to your site’s advantage.

Every business field is competitive. You may need to have a special trick up your sleeve to bundle the competition. A website audit could be just what you need to bundle your competition.

3. Better Uploading Times

A lagging website is a deal-breaker for most potential customers. Even a ten-second delay is enough to put off an impatient customer.

Your website may be prone to occasional lag, which could be sending a lot of money down the drain.

Your IT guy is no doubt, a miracle worker. However, some things you best reserve them for the professionals. So consider a website audit done by professionals today to improve your websites’ loading time.

Remember time is money. Any minute wasted is a minute utilized by your business rivals to sway your clients their way. Plus, a slow website equally as frustrating to your workers as your customers.

An SEO website audit identifies what slows down your website. Once you’ve firmly established the cause of the slowness, you can make the necessary adjustments. Remember, even a few seconds can be just why a client chooses your competitor over you.

4. Get an Accurate Visitor Count

Numbers never lie. Knowing your visitor can give you a clear picture of how your website stacks against others.

Knowing your visitor count progression will tell you whether your site is moving with the time. You may have dwindling numbers, which is a sure indicator of something gone wrong with the website.

An accurate visitor count is also good information. This type of information could come in handy in board meetings or when revisiting company strategies. Or even when trying to woo potential investors for your business.

5. To Single Out Outdated Stuff

Outdated content is never a good show for any serious website owner. While you’ve done your best to remove any outdated stuff, doing a thorough job is easier said than done.

What’s more, unnecessary outdated content could be what is causing that annoying website lag. An outdated website never goes well with search engine rankings.

A good website audit whittles down website content to just the relevant and up-to-date stuff.

By helping you identify any outdated content that you need to remove as soon as you can, website audit improves your search engine ranking.

An improved search engine ranking means more visitors are likely to visit your site.

6. To Keep Up with Google

Google always changes its SEO ranking policies and criteria. It also has ever-changing website rules and regulations. That catches many websites off-guard and leads to penalties.

Staying on toes with Google on your own never works out well. A website audit helps keep you in line with Google’s latest regulations.

Any penalties or warnings can do harm to your search engine ranking.  To prevent such circumstances, have an audit done on your website at least once a year.

Websites Audits are Comprehensive

Website audits are exhaustive and comprehensive. As such, you may expect most website audits to end with a report.

This report summarizes the results of the audit. The report is not overly complex, so you can firmly understand what it entails.

The report will also outline some effective strategies to address any issues and how certain SEO services can improve your website’s performance.

Hopefully, you now understand how beneficial an audit could be to your website. Now, to get a professional and exhaustive website audit, contact WSI today and reap these benefits.