Do you ever wonder how to increase traffic to your website? Thanks to the advent of technology, everyone is online nowadays. But even though there are so many people online, how can you get those individuals to visit your website? Here you can learn some great tips to increase traffic to your website.

1.    Diagnose and Solve Google Penalty

Google PenaltiesTo diagnose a potential or existing Google Penalty, you need to look at the dates when your website traffic started declining. Installing tools like Google Analytics will enable you to have insightful data analysis of your site’s behavior. Focus on the problems leading to Google Penalty such as:

a)    Poor Quality Content

Avoid posts with very little content and too much advertising of your services. Avoid using many large images. Google Panda will penalize your site while Google will use such flags while assessing your website’s quality. The results are not good.

b)    Duplicate Content

Avoid two versions of your site. For example, an “HTTP version” and an “HTTPS version.”

Use the following command to check if your website suffers from such issues:

Site: inurl: https

Google introduced the canonical tag to help solve the duplicate content problem. Website owners can inform Google if the content is a duplicate version from another page.

2.    Use Valuable Keywords

KeywordsUse your time optimizing those keywords that you value most. Keyword Tool comes in handy in optimizing keywords. To prioritize your keywords, sort them by:

•    Conversion

•    Ranking

•    Long Tail Opportunities

Concentrate on the Cost Per Click (CPC) of every keyword. The higher the CPC, the more revenue people are generating. The main reason they bid and spend money on it.

After identifying the keywords with a high search volume and CPC, figure out the best way to modify your pages and utilize these keywords. Start by asking yourself why Google preferred that page to yours. You will need to improve your:

•    SEO blog posts

•    Landing pages

•    Website pages

3.    Get Inspiration From Your Competitors To Expand Your Keywords

Thanks to our ever-increasing programmers and software developers. Today we have a variety of tools to choose from that will assist in expanding your keyword set.  The main ones include:

•    UberSuggest

•    Google Keyword Planner


4.    Optimize Your Site For International Traffic

OptimizationYes, you are allowed to spread your wings and explore markets far and wide. The cake is enough for everyone; you only need to reach the destination. You may ask, and how do I do that? Great tools like hreflang tag work well in optimizing your website for international traffic. Hreflang tag assists Google in understanding which website best suits a particular country.

To check whether you’ve installed the tool correctly, use Hreflang validation tool created by the reputable Australian company called DejanSEO. You will get to know if the tag got correctly installed on your site.

5.    Figure Out What Topics Interests Your Audience

It’s evident that people share valuable content with their friends on social platforms. Following how your content gets shared through various platforms will give you an insight if you are making great or poor content. But how do you get to know the average shares of your content?

BuzzSumo is an incredible tool that works wonders in comparing your content’s performance with that of your competitors. You not only get to know how you are faring against your competitors but also gain insight of your contents that are performing below or above the average. With these kinds of insights, you can improve your content.

6.    Use Back Links

BacklinksWithout proper knowledge on how to use backlinks, you can easily spam them. Using backlinks correctly is a fantastic website traffic magnet.  Submit your work to the best content aggregators.

7.    Lead Your Audience

Direct your readers to where they can get more information about what they want. You can create a lead capture page where you send your audience.

The above tips narrow down to having quality content. Learn how to create high powered articles that attract readers and convert your leads into sales. A course on Udemy by Chris Douthit will get you started. You will not only learn the ropes, but you will be impressed by the rapid increment of your website traffic. Why waste time. Turn your website into a traffic driving machine.

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