Video Production for Social Media

Social media is a powerful tool that helps make us more connected to the rest of the world. Ever since its inception two decades ago, it has taken the world by storm.

Today, there are about 4.48 billion people that use social media.

Not only can people make personal profiles there, but businesses can also make business accounts there. One of the things they may do on those accounts is video marketing.

How do you go about video production for social media? This guide breaks it down.

Use a Good Thumbnail

One of the first things that people will get exposed to with your video for social media is the thumbnail. For those of you that do not know, this is the image that you see from the video before you click the video to play it.

Some may think of this as a sneak preview of the video. In a way, this is the case because the thumbnail could help decide if you are interested in watching the rest of the video.

Let’s say there is a thumbnail that has two people look like they are about to fight each other. If someone is curious about who wins that fight, they may be more inclined to click the thumbnail and see how it plays out.

Choose this carefully and make sure the visual is appropriate for the video that you are going for.

Have the Right Caption

The next thing you need to think about is what type of caption you want to use for your video. This is a short description or commentary of the video that you are posting on social media. It allows people to get a better idea of what the video is about without having to watch the whole thing.

If you have a good marketing team working with you, the caption is where your videos for social media could shine. That is because copywriters can write your captions in a way that makes people more eager to click on your video.

Some people may call this clickbait. Businesses would call it a way to increase traffic to their social media channels.

Let’s go back to the fighting example. If these are two notable people and you spent a lot of time building a marketing campaign around them, you could tease the fact that they are about to fight. It may not even happen in the video, but if you can make it look like there is a chance of it happening, people may still feel inclined to click on your video and find out.

The point is that you can use captions to your advantage if you have the right writers on your team.

Hook Them Early

One of the most important things for marketing videos is to make sure that you have a good hook. For those of you who are not familiar with this term, it is the aspect of the video that will make people want to watch the rest of the video. In other words, it is the thing that grabs people’s attention.

It is crucial to do this within the first 10 seconds of the video.

Why is that? Well, humans have a shorter attention span than goldfish. This means that you have less than 10 seconds to make a first impression on somebody before they may want to stop watching your video.

To help with this, think about something that people may want answered later in the video. A little research helps here to find an incredible stat or something relatable that people watching your video may be going through.

An example can be if you have a financial advice channel, you may mention a stat about people living paycheck to paycheck immediately. Considering how many people are in that situation in reality, you are bound to find people that will give you their full attention after that.

Spend a lot of time reviewing and editing the first few seconds of your video to make sure that you have a good hook.

Consider Live Streaming

In certain situations, the better move for your social media video marketing campaign may be to include a live stream. If you handle this right, you could generate higher demand and more traffic as a result of your channel.

Usually, the best way to make a live stream work is to promote it in advance. Let your audience know the date and time of this live stream as well as the subject of it.

An example can be if an amusement park wants to announce a brand new roller coaster. Something that they can do here is have a teaser campaign on their social media channels weeks before the announcement. Along the way, they can give hints as to what the roller coaster is going to be.

Then, once they decide on a date and time to announce the new roller coaster, they can have a live stream on social media to allow fans from all over the world to find out together what the new roller coaster is going to be.

Have Good Video Production for Social Media

Video production for social media can be crucial if you are trying to increase the online presence of your business. To do this right, you need to market your content carefully.

That means having a good thumbnail and caption to get the viewer to watch your video. Then, have an immediate hook to make them keep watching your video.

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