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    Case Study Marc’s Tree Service

    Case Study – Marc’s Tree Service

    Marc’s Tree Service came to us wanting to increase the number of clients they get on a monthly basis. The client already has a basic template WordPress website. We felt like we could provide SEO services to increase their leads with the current website they had.

    We conducted an analysis of their website and learned that they need on-page optimization, local business listings, an optimized Google My Business page and a link building strategy to improve rankings and increase traffic to their website.

    Our Plan:

    Our plan was to optimize the website for search using targeted keywords and phrases. We also added schema to help with rankings. Our link building strategy included local business listings, classified ad listings, image and video submissions, blog posts and guest posts with high page authority and domain authority. This strategy allowed the business to rank well in local maps listings and in organic search.


    When we started, the client was getting 10-15 leads per month. Marc’s Tree Services has been a client of ours for several years now. Currently they get between 700-1000 website visits per month. 71% of their website visitors are from organic search. They have 24 keywords/phrases ranking on the first page of Google Search. They receive on average, 70 phone calls from their Google Local Listing monthly which does not include calls from website visitors. The client had asked us to remove contact forms on the website, as they only wanted to receive phone calls. In speaking with the client, they receive an additional 20-30 calls from the website visitors.