Digital marketing for Chiropractors

Demand for chiropractic care has been increasing in recent years. However, since there are currently over 70,000 chiropractors across the US, your practice likely is facing hefty competition now more than ever. Standing out from the competition is crucial if you want to bring in some of the 35 million Americans looking for chiropractic care.

That’s where quality marketing for chiropractors comes into play. Read on to learn some tips for an effective 2024 digital marketing campaign.

Website Design Trends

With the help of an expert, you’ll want to revamp your website for 2024 and beyond.

Make sure that it’s mobile-ready since most people access the web from smartphones. Create a skin that’s easy to browse on mobile devices and a navigation system that’s easy to click through on a small screen.

Showcase your various chiropractic services clearly so people can select those most relevant to them. Include pictures of chiropractic tools and methods for clarity and visual engagement.

Blog posts also must be easy to skim through while on the go, which makes pictures necessary in SEO-optimized blogs. You also must use short paragraphs, simple phrases, and easy-to-comprehend words.

Local SEO Marketing for Chiropractors

SEO is one of the most important parts of trendy digital marketing. High-quality content is king.

Growing your chiropractic practice requires local traffic because you rely on those near you as clients. This means you need to get people through the door after they look you up online. After all, 76% of Americans look into a practice’s online presence before making an appointment.

Use local keywords in blog posts and image descriptions. “Chiropractor near me” is a great phrase for practices that have a Google Business Profile and local directory presence. It targets people with their GPS systems on and are ready to get fast treatment.

“Pain relief in Harrisburg” and “North Carolina chiropractor” are also great for those searching for services in a specific area. Even if they don’t have GPS enabled, your blog will rank for these local terms. Local users will have a higher chance of seeing your business’s presence.

Encourage Patient Reviews

92% of potential patients will trust reviews and recommendations. They’re a powerful tool that drives people to make decisions on what chiropractors they can rely on to boost their health.

Encourage patients who express satisfaction post-appointment to leave online reviews. Yelp, Google, and social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook are all great places where they can talk about their experience.

Remember to respond to reviews so that people feel heard. This will let them know that leaving the review was worth their time.

People often need a little push to take the time to leave a review, so provide benefits to those who do. 10% off their next visit or a coupon for additional services will let them know that leaving a review is in their best interest.

Use Email Marketing the Right Way

Email marketing is a great way to reach patients directly. Create a list of past patients who may return, prospective patients who fall into your local demographic, and those who have recently searched for chiropractor-related words online.

Then, segment your audience into multiple categories. Some people may be interested in improving their athletic performance while others are looking for pain relief. Some potential clients also may have been recently injured and are looking for alternative treatment methods.

You can write out separate emails for each of these target audience demographics. This lets you personalize the information in each email blast so people get information relevant to them. They’ll understand how you resolve their specific pain points and view you as the most effective practice to meet their needs.

Each email blast should include useful information health tips, home pain relief strategies, links to interesting blog posts, upcoming workshops and classes, and promotions like discounted first-time visits.

Create Relevant Social Media Posts

Social media marketing is a powerful tool for all growing businesses in 2024. Chiropractic practices are no exception.

Leverage multiple platforms to reach the widest audience possible. Different segments of your potential patient base will be on X (formerly Twitter), Instagram, TikTok, and LinkedIn.

Consider the demographics most likely to be on each of these platforms. Instagram and TikTok usually appeal to younger people looking to enhance athletic performance, prevent future pain, and heal from injuries. LinkedIn and X are generally for slightly older people looking to relieve aches and pains.

Regardless of what social media platforms you use, appealing thumbnails and informative captions are a must-have. Link to your official website to give people more information. You’ll also drive traffic to your practice’s webpage, so that’s an added bonus.

Video Marketing: A Top-Notch Tool

Video marketing is critical for chiropractors for several reasons:

  • 44% of businesses that use videos generate sales
  • 83% got new leads from video content
  • 91% of marketers say that video content increases traffic
  • 66% of people learn more about services by watching videos
  • People use several channels (Instagram, Webinar, and TikTok) to consume videos

Chiropractic practices can boost their patient intake with several video types.

Explainer videos can showcase a satisfied patient talking about how you have relieved their pain. This is a video-format review that people will trust. You can also have videos that show the ins and outs of different treatments and why they’re non-invasive and effective.

Videos of your chiropractors and other experts talking about the practice and brand can also generate traffic. When you show yourself as knowledgeable and approachable, people are more likely to click with you. They’ll trust your experts over those at other chiropractic offices.

Work With a Digital Marketing Professional

Now that you know the ins and outs of marketing for chiropractors, it’s time to come up with a comprehensive 2024 marketing strategy. Our team is committed to helping you determine the best marketing channels to fit your needs. We’ll then work with you to execute a marketing campaign that boosts your business with trendy digital marketing.

Reach out to us ASAP to learn more about growing your chiropractic practice with web design, SEO, and social media. Learn more about WSI.

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