Link Building with Images

The Benefits of Link Building With Images

As search engines become better at recognizing users’ search behaviors, tactics like link building and SEO are becoming increasingly popular.

You often hear about leveraging keywords for your blog post or writing guest posts for exposure. What’s not often talked about is image link building.

But what is image link building and how does it help your site?

That’s what we’re here to discuss today. Read on to find out what image link building is and the numerous ways it can benefit your site.

What is Image Link Building?

Link building is when a site acquires hyperlinks from other websites to their own. Search engines use links to discover new pages and choose how well certain pages show up on their results.

A lot of sites prioritize text content for link building because it’s easier to connect those to SEO keywords.

Image link building is a variant of this strategy. It involves soliciting links to your website from sites that use external images owned by you.

Search engines are more sophisticated nowadays to the point where you can generate traffic to your sites through images. It’s similar to how people write guest posts on other blogs, but with images!

Types of Visual Elements Used for Link Building

So what kind of visual elements can you use for image link building?

To build links to your site, consider using the following visual content:

  • Infographics
  • Your company or brand logo
  • Product photos or brand photoshoots
  • Employee photos
  • Charts, graphs, and other data visualization
  • GIFs and memes
  • High-quality stock photos

Benefits of Image Link Building

Now that you know the basics of image link building, it’s time to look at what makes it such a valuable strategy. While there will always be a place for text link building, using images affords similar and somewhat different advantages. Many websites where images can be posted are high quality websites with high domain authority an traffic. Linking images from these type websites provided a quality backlink to your website.


Sites are always going to look for visual elements to spruce up their articles and web pages. For image creators, engaging in image link building allows you to offer valuable assets to sites around the web.

If their visitors like the image or want to use it for their own sites, they can easily trace it back to you, generating more traffic.

Worth a Thousand Words

Saying that a “picture is worth a thousand words” feels incredibly trite to say, but it’s true.

If you’re writing an article, particularly ones that are over a thousand words, using an image can greatly improve its quality. It can help you make a point and entice visitors to read on.

Using an owned image, therefore, gives you a better chance of driving traffic to your page.

Build Authority

If you can create high-quality images, you’re practically sitting on linkable assets that can drive traffic on either side.

Because using images without permission is a breach of etiquette, sites that want images will have to link back to your site. By allowing images to be used, you’ll increase the chances of more visitors to your site while building your authority. Most image sharing websites have a high domain authority (DA). However, the page authority can be low if it is a new page with limited activity. So how do we build page authority? We create quality backlinks to the image sharing pages. This will help boost the page authority of the image pages and leads to quality links back to your main website which will improve rankings in search engines.

Leverage Image Link Building Today

The benefits of link building through images provide opportunities for greater online traffic and better exposure. Leverage this article to get a full understanding of how image link building works and use it to your advantage today.

As an example, we recently completed a link building plan using images from a local roofing company, Concord Roofing Company. We used images from their business to share on various websites. Below are examples of the image sharing websites we used and the links we created for Concord Roofing Company which included geo tags where we could.

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