Responsive web design is the need of the hour. All the new websites that are being designed should embrace responsive technology and all the existing websites should consider moving to responsive website design technology. Why is responsive website design so very important and what are the advantages of using this technology?

Optimum user experience

Statistics have that in most of the countries more than 50% or close to 50% of the website traffic is now coming through devices other than laptops and desktops. Majority of this traffic comes from tablet PCs, smartphones, iPad and iPhone. The display as a result varies. This affects the quality of the browsing experience. The users have to scroll horizontally and vertically while trying to read the content of the web pages. Web pages which are essentially designed keeping laptops and desktops in mind make browsing difficult in devices with smaller displays. Responsive web design comes as the solution for this problem. When a website is designed using responsive technology, the pages automatically adjust themselves to suit the displays based the device through which the web pages are accessed.

This also reduces the bounce rate. When users need to scroll endlessly top to bottom and right to left, they could leave the web pages even before they find what they wanted to find in your website. Google and the other search engines keep track of the time the users spend in your web pages. Search engines do not promote web pages with high bounce rate in the search results.

Google ranking benefit

Google that is constantly working towards providing the best user experience to its search customers has included website responsiveness as one of the ranking factors. Websites that are not using responsive technology will certainly be putting themselves in a disadvantageous position.

Single site to avoid duplicate content issues

Unlike before, you need not maintain two sites one for regular browsers and another for mobile devices. Moreover, search engines also understand that the content in different versions of the pages is not duplicate content. This safeguards your website which otherwise is at the risk of being penalized for duplicate content.

Better leveraging of social media shares

When you have multiple websites, the social media shares will be distributed between the mobile site and the regular site. Now that danger is avoided as all the shares will be pointing to a single responsive site.

Cheaper when compared to building two websites

Going for a single responsive website is lot cheaper when compared to building and managing multiple websites, one for regular browsers and another for mobile browsers.

When you are planning to launch a website and looking for a web design company to handle your needs make sure that they have experience in building impressive responsive websites. Make certain that your service provider has given you the quote for responsive website design. Have all your doubts clarified in this regard before you sign up and it will save you the frustration down the line.