Social Media Presence

How to Increase Your Social Media Presence With These Marketing Tips

A good social media presence can do a lot for your business.

Running a business isn’t quite how it used to be. Gone are the days when you pound the pavement, hand out business cards, and rely on the quality of your products and services to put you ahead. Now, you’ve got to basically be a digital advertising expert to get off the ground.

There are positives, though. Having a great social media presence and a strong digital advertising campaign behind you can take a small business and bring it into the public consciousness rather quickly.

In this post, we’re going to give you some great marketing tips to help increase your social media following. Having popular social media accounts gives you a built-in platform for selling your products and building your brand.

Let’s embrace this new way of running your company and dig into some of these marketing ideas.

Find Your Voice

Your business can get a lot out of social media, but you need to find your voice so that you can appeal to the right crowd. A large number of followers is a great asset, but what’s the point of having them if you can’t appeal to their desires?

Before you launch your page, figure out what it is you want people to think about your company. You should use your Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter pages to make a statement about the quality of your products vs. the next guy.

Your voice and your brand will forever be intertwined, so feel out the message behind your brand and you’ll have your tone of voice.

Build Your Brand

Your brand is everything, online and off. A strong social media presence can give you the platform to spread awareness of your brand beyond what you could possibly do before. Finding your voice is one part of building a great brand, but there are many other facets to it as well.

Knowing how much value you have and what that value is can help you confidently market yourself. Your visual identity comes into play in a big way as well. The personality that comes out of your company, in your voice, visually, and with that instilled confidence, will guide your brand.

It’s easier said than done to strike the right balance between these things, but once you tap into your brand, it can be magical. Your branding should then permeate every part of your online profile; every Instagram story, Facebook post, and Twitter reply should have your brand written all over it.

Create Content for Your Followers

A lot is made of the importance of content creation, but a lot of small businesses fall into the social media trap of quantity over quality. Obviously, you should be posting regularly because that’s how you stay relevant in your customers’ feeds, but giving them meaningless content won’t do you any good.

Carefully curate your content so that everything you put out there feels meaningful. Try to hit home with at least some of your audience every time you do a post. You can measure the effectiveness of your posts by looking at metrics like activity, engagement, and reach.

Self-scouting, so to speak, allows you to improve your content so that engagement goes up over a period of time. Engaging with your followers on your socials is another crucial element to social media marketing.

Engage With Your Followers

Your followers will want to feel like they’re a part of what’s going on at your company. Always engage with people in the comments section and open the floor for your customers and followers to have the floor when necessary.

By replying to what people say about you, they’ll see that you’re paying attention to both praise and criticism. Even in the age of social media, the customer has to think they’re always right. It’s not always true, but you can always use customer insights to adjust your social media approach and get more followers.

Influencers…Yay or Nay

Social media influencers are a polarizing section of the digital marketing landscape. If you’re unfamiliar with what an influencer is, they’re basically people that have a level of fame on social media and thus, a lot of influence over their followers.

Whether it’s a travel blogger, YouTube star, or someone that has some pull in your specific industry, you can pay them to talk about your products/services. This, theoretically, brings more awareness to your business and your brand.

As long as you’re not blowing your marketing budget on it, working with an influencer or two is never a bad idea. As long as their online presence is in-line with your branding, it should work.

Use Automation to Your Advantage

Overusing social media automation will be offputting to people, but if you use it in the right way, it can be really helpful.

For example, using an autoreply to answer customer complaints on Twitter or Facebook is going to frustrate your followers. As we stated earlier, engaging on a personal level with your customers is the right way to go.

When automation is used effectively is when you schedule your posts to enact a rigid social media marketing campaign that has a well-timed and thought out content strategy.

Your Social Media Presence Matters

If you invest time and money in your social media presence, you’ll see it pay off in numerous ways. Not only will your audience grow (social media numbers often have a snowball effect), you’ll see its effect on your SEO, and your B2B relations will improve as other businesses start to see you as a legit operation.

You can’t afford to let social media marketing pass you by. Although we often see ebbs and flows, it’s not going anywhere anytime soon. Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter numbers are at an all-time high and there’ll surely be more, new platforms popping up in the future.

Do you need help with getting your social media numbers up? At WSI, we specialize in social media marketing and several other forms of digital advertising. Contact us to find out what we can do for you.