Any business that hopes to thrive in their respective industry needs a decent SEO strategy, and chiropractic practices are no exception.

It’s no secret that people nowadays put a lot of trust in Google. So, whether you like it or not, ranking in Google remains to be one of the most effective marketing strategies in this day and age.

It goes without saying that running a well-planned SEO campaign that’s specifically designed for your chiropractic practice is vital to the success of your business endeavors. 

These SEO best practices will help you take advantage of the Internet and bring new clients to your doorstep: 

Complete Your Google My Business Profile 

Google My Business (GMB) is a tool that helps you share relevant and verified information about your business, so people who are searching for a chiropractor can find you easier.

Listing your practice on Google My Business is a vital step for establishing your online presence and boosting your Google rankings.

To optimize you GMB profile, all you have to do is verify your listing and accurately fill out all the information required in your Google My Business page, such as:

  • NAP (Business name, Address, Phone number)
  • Categories
  • Description
  • Business Hours

It’s also important to include high-quality images of your business and a Google map of your location. Once you’ve done this, you can further increase your engagement rate by sharing announcements, events, and promotions on your GMB page.

Employ a Local First Approach 

Reportedly 46% of the searches performed on Google are local. Think about it: billions of people rely on Google to find goods and services nearby on a daily basis. This means that any business without a decent local SEO strategy in place is missing out on a lot of valuable traffic and potential customers.

As a chiropractic practice, most of your patients will come from the neighborhoods and communities close to your place of business. These people are your target audience, and in order to reach them, you need to strengthen your local campaign and make your page stand out in local search results.

Employing these strategies will help your business appear in searches for chiropractic practices nearby:

  • Optimize your website with popular local search terms for your area
  • Create a separate page for every type of service you offer
  • List your business locations on different pages
  • Optimize your images for local searches
  • Place a Google map of your locations on your contact page
  • Keep your NAP data consistent and make sure it matches your Google My Business listing

Invest in Website Optimization 

Your website is the face of your practice and you have, more or less, two seconds to use it to make a good impression on your visitors. A slow-loading and badly-designed website can cost you potential clients in a snap.

To capture users’ attention and encourage them to find out more about what your practice has to offer, you need to optimize your website from the ground up. This entails elevating the user experience by investing a website that loads quickly and utilizes a responsive, modern web design.

With Google implementing mobile-first indexing, a mobile-friendly website is no longer an option but a priority when it comes to ranking in online searches. 

Create Relevant Website Content 

Digital marketing strategies may change and evolve, but one thing remains the same: content will always be king. Adding blog posts, videos, and infographics to your website will not only help educate potential patients and keep them engaged, but improve your website’s organic search ranking, as well.

An effective content strategy involves publishing well-written and search-engine-optimized copies and blog posts that are relevant to the needs of your audiences. Of course, you also need to conduct keyword research to optimize your contents and drive a healthy volume of traffic to your pages.

It could be very challenging to regularly create fresh and original content and simultaneously manage an SEO campaign while running a busy practice. To make things easier on your end, consider delegating your practice’s entire SEO strategy to a reliable and experienced digital chiropractic marketing agency.

About the Author

Anthony Vought is the Content Marketer of Digital Chiropractic Marketing, a team of expert web designers and digital marketing strategists who help chiropractors boost their practice’s digital presence. He makes the most of his free time reading graphic novels and going for trail hikes with his colleagues and friends.