Local Search drives more Clicks & Calls than any other marketing channelIn August we ran our annual ‘Local Clicks & Calls’ survey in which we asked local business owners and local search marketers about which digital marketing channels drive leads & deliver the best ROI.

We’ve just published the full results on our blog, which you can view here.

Key Findings:

  • Most time / effort is spent on Local & Organic SEO
  • Local & Organic search deliver the greatest ROI & quality leads
  • Social media, Display ads & Bing ads deliver the lowest ROI
  • Organic & Local search deliver the highest quality leads
  • Local search delivers the highest % of clicks & calls on average
  • 34% of respondents would choose Local search above any other channel

To view these results & more in greater detail, head over to our blog. We look forward to hearing your thoughts on the results.